Amy Peters

Amy Peters

Amy Peters

Newglade Counselling
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Lectures by Amy Peters

Amy is the entrepreneurial force behind Newglade Counselling, where she serves as the lead counsellor and founder. Alongside her neurodivergent team of counsellors, Amy provides a diverse range of therapy services, including counselling, parent support and supervision available both online and face to face in Kent.

With a deep-rooted connection to the neurodivergent community, Amy's journey led her to specialise in services tailored for neurodivergent clients and their families. Her personal realisation of being neurodivergent herself (Autistic and ADHD) fueled her passion to create inclusive and supportive spaces for individuals like herself.

Amy's professional background encompasses extensive experience in support work, aiding vulnerable families within a local authority homelessness team and the children’s workforce. Additionally, she has made significant contributions to public health by developing and implementing various health and wellbeing projects within community settings.

As an entrepreneur, Amy's endeavours extend beyond traditional therapy services. She is a dedicated trainer, blogger, and creator of innovative resources for therapists, support workers, and schools. One notable creation is her original ‘Neuro Cards’ - a therapeutic tool designed to explore neurodivergent traits. What began as a personal project quickly gained traction and is now highly sought after, leading to the establishment of her online shop.

In her mission to promote neurodivergent-affirming spaces, Amy champions the importance of education and awareness through her platform. She believes in empowering individuals through therapy and equipping professionals with the necessary tools and knowledge to create inclusive environments.