Barbara Pidgeon

Barbara Pidgeon

Barbara Pidgeon

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Lectures by Barbara Pidgeon

Whilst Barbara was thoroughly enjoying a successful business career with postings in Namibia, the Netherlands, Oman, Nigeria, India, at a certain point in the journey (instigated through a couple of mountain bike incidents) things started to change.

From global fixer then to mindfulness and the transpersonal, Barbara still enjoys international travels interacting with diverse groups alongside her ongoing research in psychology.

And now, through practical business skills integrated with 'softer' personal development techniques, she helps people to be more resilient and to achieve more with less. Success, Barbara believes, does not need to, nor should it, come at an unacceptable personal price.

Generally Barbara strives for:

  • peace and harmony, equality and inclusiveness
  • positive culture and a healthy environment in all perspectives
  • collaborative, open, truthful and enriching relationships
  • creativity and purpose in my life
  • continuous growth and a deep and honest understanding of myself
  • to live and work in fun environments with focus on health and wellbeing