Cancellation Steps

Sorry you are thinking of leaving us

You are about to activate the cancellation process to end your CPD membership.

NOTE: This document includes important steps you need to take to cancel your subscription and avoid future billing, please take a moment to read this page carefully.

I understand that by leaving I will lose access (at the end of the billing period) to all of my active CPD resources including:

  • My CPD certificates
  • Podcasts
  • Videos
  • Lecture library
  • Research guides and links
  • Skills audio and theory files
  • Theory decoded audio files, handouts and diagrams
  • CPD Private Study Facebook Group
  • Live lectures
  • Handouts Vault including all handouts, and documents stored within

If after reading this page you still wish to leave, then simply click the “Cancel Account" button below and a cancellation email will be sent to .

If you do do decide to stay, Rory and I will celebrate, dance and clap hands 🙂

Whatever you decide, we are grateful you were part of the CPD family and we wish you well in your journey.