You are fully in control of your CPD membership and if you wish to cancel your membership and leave, you can do so at any time (details below)

Points to consider

  • You are welcome to rejoin again in the future, however, if you are at a discounted rate, that will be lost.
  • If you decide to cancel, your subscription will stop and you will not be billed again.
  • You will still have access to your CPD resources for the remainder of your billing period.
  • After cancellation, we will delete your details from our server and close your account.
  • Please be sure to download your CPD certificates as they will no longer be available after cancellation.

How to cancel

If you wish to go ahead with the cancellation, please email and let our team know.
NOTE: please email using the same email address you use to log into your account when emailing us so we can locate your account for you to make the cancellation.