Catherine Knibbs

catherine knibbs

Catherine Knibbs

Wakefield, West Yorkshire
Tel 07907589125

Lectures by Catherine Knibbs

Catherine has a wealth of knowledge about childhood trauma and abuse through her clinical practice and training (over 12 years so far including a BSc(hons), Double MSc and now she's completing a clinical and research based PhD. She presents at many conferences and seminars including the BACP, UKCP, ACTO, Child Centre for Mental Health, NSPCC, Marie Collins and Tele-summits for the U.S.

She specialises in virtual and corporeal trauma and abuse and runs her own website devoted to the traumas that occur from "Cybertrauma".

Catherine coined the phrase "Cybertrauma" and is the only person researching this in the UK, maybe even the world!

Catherine is a Clinical Researcher in Cybertrauma

She is an epigentic Health Coach & Psychotherapist as well as a  digital Maverick: Helping you understand humans in digital spaces

Here is a description of Catherine's in her own voice:

I am a voice for children, young people and adults,

I advocate through stories from my research,

I challenge and I am a disruptor of the persecutory narrative,

I make the complex easy to access and understand,

I take the dark and macabre subjects and make them accessible

I bring humour, enthusiasm and passion to deliver the information to you in a way that will inspire and motivate you,

I am a realist and what matters is the story of YOU

I am a human being, Mum and compassionate activist for those who have no voice.

I am a Cyber Specialist, Theorist and Author

I am a Child and Adult Trauma Psychotherapist

I am Functional Psychotherapist & Coach