Clint Adams

Clint Adams

Clint Adams

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Lectures by Clint Adams

Clint is a former Victorian police officer who studied psychology and later, Rehabilitation Counselling. His police, counselling, injury management, senior HR roles and working with asylum seekers have made him develop insights into the psychology and social interactions of individuals in trying conditions.

Clint has developed various behavioural and leadership programs to help people deal with various issues from PTSD to bullying and harassment. He is a keynote speaker on Suicide Prevention and Diversity and runs programs on mental health and wellbeing for corporate organisations and sporting organisations for teens.

Clint is the author of a book called Lighting the Blue Flame. The book is written as a story of a teen who commits suicide because of being bullied, but wants his death to at least have an impact to change things so it doesn’t happen to others.

The book has a lot of QR codes throughout for more information and also just random things teenagers would send each other on social media, so it is a little more interactive than other books. It also has its own soundtrack as Clint wanted to add that extra layer of depth to the experience as music can emphasise how people feel and experience things.

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