Wayne Lawrence

Wayne Lawrence

Wayne Lawrence

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Lectures by Wayne Lawrence

Wayne is a Senior Counsellor working face to face and online in private practice and in an all male prison and probation service.

Wayne’s theoretical model is an Integrative one and it fuses psychodynamic focus, (exploring past experience - via relationships and family attachments that affect the present behaviour, interactions and relationships) and person centred approach, (a non-judgemental, empathic, honest, genuine, here-and-now experience).

Wayne has over 10 years previous working experience in the health and social care industry and have accumulated a wealth of experience working with people of many different diversities and backgrounds, from young people to adults (individuals and families) dealing with varied conditions mentally, emotionally, socially and economically (isolation, low self-esteem and conflicting family dynamics, mental health, learning disabilities conditions and substances misuse issues). He has also been fortunate to receive The Unsung Hero Award from The High Sheriff of Greater London in November 2021 for his therapeutic work in HM Prison and Probation Service.

Wayne utilises his personal and professional experience in life as a Black (British, African, Caribbean) man to understand his and others’ journey and as a result, he has gained knowledge of working in a person centred way using creative and practical methods that meet an individual’s needs to find their own voice, language and healthy strategies to express inner pain and to bring clarity and untangle the strands of life that may have become knotted via the experiences they have felt and lived through.

Waye is a fan of the arts (music, visual entertainment of all kinds), and is genuinely interested in being in the presence of people, seeing their development of feeling empowered and self-connected via discovering their own story and, in the words of Maya Angelou, "live as though life was created for you".