Special Edition – National Counselling Society

Special Edition – National Counselling Society

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In response to a number of questions posed by the Counselling Tutor Facebook group, the National Counselling Society (NCS) agreed to work with the Counselling Tutor team to create a podcast to respond to those questions.

NCS wrote the show notes for this episode.

NCS are delighted to have created this podcast episode with Rory and Ken, and we really hope you enjoy listening to it.

This is a really great opportunity for us to come together and further highlight how we strive to support the great work and dedication that is being demonstrated by all counsellors – whether they be experienced or newly qualified practitioners or students still in training! Everyone is valued equally by the NCS.

We also believe that having an informed choice about which professional association to join is really important.

Knowing that the majority of the Counselling Tutor audience are students/counsellors-in-training, we thought it would be useful to support this podcast by sharing a little more information about who the NCS are and more specifically what we do to support student counsellors.

The National Counselling Society (NCS) is member-led, not-for-profit professional association that not only holds an Accredited Register of qualified counsellors (which has been accredited by the Professional Standards Authority – PSA), but also offers various levels of memberships that recognises and supports the different ‘life stages’ of a counsellor.

For students we offer a competitive membership package that we believe not only includes great material benefits (e.g. reduced fees and discounts on books, insurance, supervision, personal counselling,  etc..), but we also grant students full access to the members' area of our website which includes good practice guidance and other useful information to support training and development (e.g.  Placement information and CPD courses).

We also provide a platform for our members' voices to be heard about the future of our profession as we regularly consult on matters of policy, ethics, standards as well as other society matters.

The great news is, our student membership is open to anyone studying a counselling course which is compatible with the Society Code of Ethics, irrespective of whether such course is recognised by the Society.

And once you have finished your studies, we offer a straightforward upgrade process to the next level of membership with no addition upgrade fee!

How to Become a Member of NCS

For further information and details about how to apply for NCS membership, please visit the following page on our website: Become a Member or contact us directly on 01903 200666 – we would be delighted to hear from you!