Special Edition: NCS Accredited Register Programme

Special Edition: NCS Accredited Register Programme

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This week we have a special episode of the Counselling Tutor Podcast with Rory speaking to Meg Moss, head of policy and public affairs at the National Counselling Society (NCS) – soon to be the National Counselling and Psychotherapy Society.

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Listen as Rory and Meg discuss the NCS Accredited Register Programme:

  • The programme was set up in 2012 by the Department of Health (now the Department of Health and Social Care).
  • It was set up to provide protection around services related to health care such as counselling, psychotherapy, acupuncture, etc.
  • The programme was administered by the Professional Standards Authority (PSA).
  • Counselling is not a regulated profession/protected title.
  • The PSA looks at public safety in relation to standards of training and practitioners - it’s about safety and transparency.
  • Within the NCS Accredited Register Programme, you can trust the complaints process has been under the scrutiny of the PSA and complaints are handled properly and reviewed annually.
  • Robust level of oversight – extra safety and security.
  • Practitioners who have had a complaint held against them and been sanctioned and removed from an accredited register, can’t simply rejoin or ‘hop’ to a new accredited register.
  • This allows the public to feel more assured when choosing a practitioner from the accredited register.

The National Counselling Society is proud to sponsor Practice Matters.

NCS are really excited to have launched their Children and Young People Therapist Register for counsellors working with the younger age group.

To find out more, visit nationalcounsellingsociety.org or simply click the button below.

What are some of the benefits of the NCS Accredited Register Programme?

  • You can be assured by the knowledge that the society/ethical body you’re with is held to meet certain standards – the management of the register is checked regularly.
  • As a counsellor, you’ll know you’ve met the standards necessary to be on the register, and you can share this with clients and prospective clients.
  • Because the register is required to meet high standards, it will offer improved quality.
  • You know that complaints will be dealt with fairly and thoroughly – support is also offered to the counsellor.

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