How to attend the live lecture

Zoom is the software system that we use to stream our live lectures.

The above video walks you through how to join a meeting using Zoom.

If you run into any glitches then the below information may solve the issue. If you this page does not solve your issue then please email me and I will get back to you to schedule a support call .

If you can't get in

First thing is don't panic, all live lectures are recorded and you will get a link to rewatch at anytime you like so you won't miss any information.

Meeting Id

If you are being asked for a meeting id to join the meeting then something has gone wrong.
We do not use meeting id on Counselling Tutor and you will never need one.

If you are asked for a meeting id then check to make sure that it's the correct day and time for the lecture. Joining at the wrong timing will cause the system to ask for a meeting id.

If it is the correct time then close the browser window that is open and asking for the id and then go back to the lecture link in the email and click it again.

If that does not work then restart your computer or device and try clicking the link in your email again.

Zoom app download

If your computer tells you a program is trying to connect to the internet and asks to allow "yes" or "no", be sure to click yes.

To work on your device, Zoom needs download a small application to be able to work. The application is free of charge and it only takes a few seconds to download. The download is automated when you click the join meeting link in the email. Zoom only ever needs to download the app once, any other lectures you join you go straight in.

Internet connection

If you have a slow internet connection on the first meeting you join it may slow sown the app download so be patient.

Antivirus and blocking software

Some computers are setup with software that blocks any downloads. Please make sure you give permission for Zoom to download and run.

Zoom won't download

If the app does not download then it may be your computer or device is running an out of date operating system. If this is the case then please email me and I will schedule a support call with you to walk you through getting Zoom setup for you. This would mean you may miss the current lecture but I will send you a link to watch it again on-demand.

This link goes to Zoom support